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(Forces of Darkness)

* The Torch is a common object.

* When a room is revealed, the Torch is always placed by the player who reveals it, regardless of color. It cannot be placed on a darkness square.

* The character carrying the Torch can, for 1 AP, burn an adjacent web or melt an ice bridge on an adjacent square.

* The character carrying the Torch can, for 0 AP, melt a square of adjacent ice.

* The character carrying the Torch can, for 0 AP, reveal adjacent darkness squares. He chooses the size of the corridor tile (1, 2, or 3 squares) and places it. The placement of the corridor tiles must comply with the following rules: The tile must be placed entirely on darkness squares. The tile must be placed adjacent to the character using the Torch. The Tile cannot be placed covering two rooms, but can be placed entirely on a room adjacent to the Torch bearer.

* The Shadow cannot enter a square containing a Torch. In the same manner, it cannot attack a character carrying a Torch nor take part in group combat if all of its opponents are carrying a Torch (unless it is attacked directly).

* It is possible to thaw a frozen character by giving him a Torch. This character is automatically thawed out at the end of the action in progress. In addition, it is impossible to freeze a character (even wounded) who is carrying a Torch.