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Flying Carpet

(Lands of Ice)

* The Flying Carpet is a cursed object. If a character moves through the square (even flying above), he is required to take the item, even if it means he must drop the object he was carrying on the previous square he occupied.

* A character is not able to drop the Flying Carpet; he must keep it.

* A wounded character cannot keep the Flying Carpet if another character moves through his square -- this character is required to take it. If a character moves over a wounded character possessing the Flying Carpet, he is required to leave the object he is carrying on the previously occupied square (and not exchange it with the cursed object). If this is not possible (for example, a pit trap that already has a rope across), it is necessary to drop the object on the square previous to the pit trap.

* A character who kills the character with the Flying Carpet in close combat, must take the cursed object at the end of the combat -- even if he needs to exchange the object he is carrying with the Flying Carpet.

* The Flying Carpet is magical. The Magophage is insensitive to its effects. A character may drop a cursed object in the Anti-Magic room or on a square adjacent to a Magophage (even while moving past). The character immediately recovers his full abilities without waiting until the end of the action.

* A character carrying the Flying Carpet cannot enter or be pushed back into a water square.

* When revealing a room, the player of the same color as the Flying Carpet places the cursed object on an empty floor square, a rotation gear, or a darkness square.

* The character carrying the Flying Carpet can use it to fly during his movement action.

* The character's movement points remains the same (a Red Dragon cannot move even with a Flying Carpet).

* For each movement action using the Flying Carpet, the controlling player must discard a combat card of his choice (except the +0) and show it to the opposing player.

* The flight is valid for only that movement action and costs a combat card for each use.
The character begins flying at the beginning of the movement. It is not possible to initiate flight in the Magophage's influence zone and thus the character cannot fly at all during this movement action. It is impossible to pick up the Flying Carpet during movement and then use it before that movement action is over.

* Since the Flying Carpet is magical, it is not possible to fly in the Anti-Magic room. In an ultra-gravity room or on a square adjacent to the Magophage, the flight will stop immediately and the character will suffer the effects of the square. The character can then continue his movement on foot.

* Under the influence of a Charm Scroll, it is the player who takes control of the charmed character who discards combat cards if he decides to use the Flying Carpet.