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(3/3) (Mercenaries)

* Once per turn, the Crossbowman can initiate ranged combat for 1 AP. He must have a line of sight on its target and must not be adjacent to an unwounded opposing character. The combat value of this attack is 3 and cannot be modified.

* The Crossbowman can also use ranged combat to participate in an attacking group combat. He cannot participate in group combat as a defender. He cannot participate in ranged combat if no AP were used to initiate the combat.

* The Crossbowman cannot be wounded in ranged combat, even if he attacks and loses the combat (even if the opponent is capable of ranged combat).

* The Crossbowman can participate in group combat with his ranged attack, even if another character from his team also participates with ranged combat. Ranged combat is considered to be an attack. This means that you cannot initiate a group combat (ranged or otherwise) to target a character already wounded this turn, no matter how the character became wounded.