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Scroll of Ice

(Lands of Ice)

* The Scroll of Ice follows the rules for scrolls.

* A Magic-User can use the Scroll of Ice for 1 AP during his turn.

* The Scroll of Ice can be used in one of two ways:
      1. It can freeze a characters in the Magic-Users line of sight like the Ice Dragon and places a frozen marker on the character. A frozen character is subject to the following rules:
* A frozen character cannot carry out any actions (jump, movement, abilities, attacks, etc...).
* He suffers a -1 to his combat value (which cannot go below 0 at any time).
* He can defend himself and can participate in group combat in defense (by the choice of the defending player).
* Allies can move through a frozen character (as with a non-frozen character).
* It is possible to take or give an object to a frozen character.
* A frozen character (wounded or unwounded) cannot be transported by another character.
* A frozen character is thawed at the end of any action, if he has a torch. He can then act normally immediately.
* It is impossible to freeze a character carrying a torch, the Fire Elemental, or the Ice Elemental (the action is valid but there is no effect).
* A frozen character keeps the object he is carrying. It is not possible for an enemy character to take objects from him, and he keeps cursed objects as if he were not frozen (if he is not wounded).
      2. The Magic-User can place up to 8 ice markers.
The first marker must be adjacent to the Magic-User. The following tiles must be adjacent to the Magic-User or to another ice marker that was just placed.
* It is only possible to place ice markers on normal floor squares, water squares, or rifts. Ice markers cannot be placed on trees, rotation gears, bridges, lava, pit traps, etc...).
* Ice markers are considered snowy ground.
* An ice marker can be melted for 0 AP by any character with a torch or by the Fire Elemental (with or without a torch), if he is on an adjacent square (remove the ice marker).
* If a Fire Elemental (wounded or unwounded) is on an ice marker at the end of an action, the latter melts automatically -- with fatal consequences to the Fire Elemental if it becomes a water square.

* The following characters cannot be targeted: characters in mist, characters in darkness, elven characters in trees (except by other elves).

* Even though the Scroll of Ice is magical, the ice markers and frozen markers are not.