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Elemental Scroll

(With Fire and Blood)

* The Elemental Scroll follows the rules for the other scrolls.

* This scroll is a neutral scroll, used in friendly games or scenarios.

* When a character searches a library from the Fire and Water expansion (room 16), it is possible to add this scroll to the other 4 neural scrolls used.

* A magic user can use the Elemental Scroll for 1 AP during his turn. He can then create a Water Elemental on any water square in his line of sight or a Fire Elemental on any lava square in his line of sight. It is impossible to create an elemental, if the player already has that elemental on his team. A player cannot control two Water Elementals or Fire Elementals.

* By extension, one can consider the following semi-offical rule (by choice of the two players). This parchment may be used to create an Ice Elemental on an ice square (or bridge of ice) or a Stone Elemental on a square of falling rocks.