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Scroll of Confusion

(Fire and Water)

* The Scroll of Confusion follows the rules for scrolls.

* A Magic-User can use the Scroll of Confusion for 0 AP, during his turn or the opponent's turn.

* The Magic-User can use it during any combat in which a character of the same color or the Magic-User himself is engaged and one of the participants in the combat (friend, enemy or himself) is in the same room AND at least one opposing character can be targeted (i.e. not in mist) even if he's not in the same room. If the targeted character is on an Anti-magic square under the influence of the Magophage or is a Magophage, the scroll has no effect (object and AP are spent nonetheless).

* When the Scroll of Confusion is used, the victim will have to play a combat card randomly (drawn randomly from his deck of combat cards by his opponent).

* The following enemy characters are not able to be targeted: characters in mist, characters in darkness, elven characters in trees (except by other elves).

* In group combat, it is enough to be able to target just one of the enemy characters.