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Charm Scroll

(Paladins and Dragons, Fire and Water)

* The Charm Scroll follows the rules for scrolls.

* The user can charm an enemy character who is in the same room (no need for line of sight). However, the victim must be able to be seen. A character who is in mist or darkness cannot be targeted, and only an elf or the carrier of the Amulet of Elvish Vision can charm an elf in a tree.

* The user of the Charm Scroll can have the charmed character perform up to 3 valid actions (3 AP) before the end of the turn.

* If you play with a timer, the player who used the Charm Scroll gains 1 additional minute for their turn.

* Charming a wounded character is allowed.

* The valid actions are to: move, use an object, move through squares occupied by characters of the same color and to take objects or wounded characters from them, attack a character of the opposing team (in this case, the player who usually controls the charmed character chooses the combat card), use the Fireball Wand or the breath of the Red Dragon to kill a character of the same color, use a Speed Potion to give the charmed character four addition actions, to jump in which case the player who charmed the character uses one of his jump cards (in case of double charm it is always the active player who spends jumps cards), move a wounded character of the same color, commit suicide under falling rocks, move into a water square (even if the charmed character is the Fire Elemental or Lightning Elemental), take down objects off walls or other terrain (torches for the Shadow, for example), move a non-flying undead character into a square with the Holy Cross.

* It should be noted that if a charmed Golem breaks a wall, the token comes from the reserves of the Golem's owner. It is the same for the webs of Araknis, vines of the Druid, Zombies of the Necromancer, Spawnlings of the Breeder, etc...

* In addition, if a player charms an opposing character, and he reveals a room with this character, the active playder places all the pawns except the objects of his own color.
These actions are not allowed: to attack a character of the same color, to move through an opposing character, to commit suicide in a pit trap, rift, lava, etc..., to take a rope when a character of the same color is standing on an obstacle as he moves through, to move into a square containing a torch with the Shadow.