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* A character who carries a Katana can initiate an attack for 1 AP less once per turn. For example, 0 AP for a traditional attack, 1 AP if he uses a Two Handed Sword, 2 AP if he is using 2 Two Handed Swords, etc...). The Ghost, Specter, and Bat cannot benefit from the use of the Katana.

* This ability also functions in group combat, but no one can participate in the group combat using a ranged weapon or ability.

* If the Katana is forged at a Brazier, it give a +1 combat bonus when attacking.
Only one Katana can be used per combat. Several Katanas can be used during a turn, but only one use during each combat.

* A Samurai with a Katana, or a Paladin or Ice Witch with 2 Katanas can attack twice per turn for one less AP (for example, two attacks for 0 AP). The cost of combat can never be lower than 0 AP (particularly if the above rules are respected).