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(4/3) (Creatures of the Forest)

* Araknis is a beast.

* Araknis can create a web between 2 boxes for 1 AP. Araknis can weave only 3 webs during the game. The web prevents any movement (even for flying characters) between the two sqaures between which it is placed.

* Araknis can create a web in the location of a broken portcullis or wall, but not in the location of an open portcullis. A web in the location of a broken wall which has been burned is replaced by the broken wall which was there previously. When a web is is placed on the edge of a room, it is placed on a single room.

* A web can be burned for 1 AP (remove the web marker) by the Fire Elemental or by any character who possesses a torch. A web can also be burned by the breath of the Red Dragon or a fireball from the Wizard’s Fireball Wand.

* If Araknis dies or leaves the dungeon, its webs remain on the board.