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Two Handed Sword

(Forces of Darkness, Mercenaries)

* To attack with a Two Handed Sword, one additional AP must be spent. The combat does not need to be initiated by the character using the Two Handed Sword.

* The Two Handed Sword gives a combat bonus of +2 when attacking.

* In a combat which utilizes several Two Handed Swords in attack will cost 1 additional AP for each Two Handed Sword being used.

* A Samurai using a Two Handed Sword or starting a combat using at least one Two Handed Sword will reduce the total cost of combat by 1 AP due to his ability (1 AP for a Two Handed Sword, 2 AP for 2 Two Handed Swords, etc..).

* A Two Handed Sword forged in a Brazier gives a combat bonus of ¬ +3 when attacking. No combat bonus is given if additional AP are not used.