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(Base Game, Paladins and Dragons, Fire and Water, Mercenaries, Lands of Ice, Prison)

* A Rope is a common object.

* A character carrying a Rope can move over an obstacle except for the falling rocks (pit trap, rift, water square, lava square, etc...). He can even stop there.

* A character with a combat value higher than 3 can use the Rope to help cross or stop on a small bridge. A character with a combat value higher than 2 can use the Rope to help cros or stop on pipes.

* A Rope can only be placed on an obstacle if it has 2 points of attachment. That means that 2 of the 4 adjacent squares (not separated by a wall or portcullis) to the obstacle (where the Rope is to be placed need to be: squares of the exit or starting line, a pit if the Thief of the same team is on it, rotation gears, empty floor squares, misty floor squares, falling rock squares,pentacle squares, staircases, small bridges (even for characters with a combat value of 4 or greater),pipings, ice bridges, ice or ice markers from the Ice Scroll, ice slopes (in the direction of descent), obstacle squares (pit trap, rift, water, lava, ultra-gravity wells, waterfalls) which have a Rope or vine from the Druid.
On the other hand, the following may not be used as points of attachment: obstacle squares (pit trap, rift, water, lava, ultra-gravity wells, waterfalls), walls, closed portcullises,darkness (safe for the shadow), fountains, rubble from the Illusionist, libraries, Anti-Magic artifact, the sacred tomb, the statue, armories, arrow holes, secret passages, webs, brambles from the Druid, ice slopes (in the direction of the ascent).

* If a character who is stopped on a rift, pit trap, lava square, etc... loses the Rope in any way, it suffers the effects of the obstacle.

* If a character is stopped on an obstacle with a Rope, characters of the same color may cross it while benefiting from the effect of the Rope.

* If you wish to cross 2 successive squares of pit traps (or other obstacles), you can use the Rope to cross the first pit trap and use a jump to go over the second (the whole action requires 2 AP). You may not pick up the Rope from the first pit trap (see double pit).