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7 League Boots

(Fire and Water)

* The 7 League Boots are magical objects and can be used only once.

* A character who uses the 7 League Boots can move up to 10 squares while levitating for 1 AP.

* The 7 League Boots are used at the time the player announces the action, so the character can pick up another object during the movement.

* If at any time during his movement the character passes through a square adjacent to the Magophage, he falls on the square. If he falls into a pit trap, rift, or lava square, he dies immediately. If he falls into water and is carrying an object, it is removed from the game. (The Fire Elemental does not die if he falls into lava, but will die if he falls into water.)

* A character flying under the effects of the 7 League Boots cannot enter the Anti-Magic Room.

* A character in flight must stop on the first square when entering a room with an Ultra-Gravity well and suffer the effects.

* If at the time flight is interrupted the stacking rules are not followed, the action is forbidden and the character does not enter the square in question.