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Fireball Wand

(Base Game, Prison)

* The Fireball Wand can only be used by the Wizard. Other characters may still carry it.

* The Fireball Wand enables the Wizard to throw a fireball towards a square in his line of sight. The first character (friend or enemy, wounded or unwounded) who is hit by the Fireball dies immediately and the opposing player gains 1 VP. If this character was carrying a wounded character, both characters are eliminated and 2 VP are gained. If the character killed is a dragon, 2 VP are gained. If the character was carrying an object, the object remains on the square unless it is on an obstacle (except for the rope).

* A character who is wounded may be killed by the Fireball Wand in the same turn.
The Water Elemental (even if wounded), the Fire Elemental (even if wounded), and the Magophage (unless wounded) cannot be killed with the Fireball Wand (object and AP are still spent).

* A character in water is protected from the effects of the Fireball Wand. However, a character on a rope over a water square is not protected.

* It is forbidden to target the Courtesan.

* It is possible to use the Fireball Wand on a Living Tree, in which case, it returns to its owners hand. If one or more characters are in the tree, they are killed, even if it is an elf or Courtesan.

* It is possible to fire on the Druid's brambles.

* The Fireball Wand is a magical object and cannot be used towards or through an anti-magic square or a square under the influence of the Magophage (object and AP spent).

* A character carrying a Fire Shield is protected from a fireball (object and AP spent).

* A fireball can be used to burn a web.