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Angel of Light

((5/1) (Forces of Darkness))

*The Angel of Light is a flying character. That means she can fly over all the obstacles: pit traps, falling rocks, rifts, Fountains of Youth, water squares, lava squares, remotely activated pit traps, gravity wells adjacent to a Magophage, trees, and 3D obstacles. However, she cannot stop there (except water squares, falling rocks (in which case she dies) and trees).

*The Angel of Light cannot fly over rubble, walls, closed portcullises, brambles and columns.

* The Angel of Light to has the ability to light-up darkness for 0 AP (as if she were carrying a torch, even if she’s not). The player controlling the Angel of Light chooses the length of the tile (1, 2 or 3 squares) and places it on a square adjacent to the Angel of Light.

*The placement of the tiles must comply with the following rules:
   * 1) The tile must be placed entirely on boxes of darkness.
   * 2) The tile placed must be adjacent to the Angel of Light.
   * 3) The tile cannot be placed across or on two different rooms but can be placed entirely in a room adjacent to the Angel of Light.