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* A Wounded character must remain motionless.

* However, a Wounded character may be transported by a friendly character as if he were an object. A Wounded character who escapes on the opponent's starting line does not earn a VP.

* A Wounded character cannot use an object that uses AP for its abilities (even for 0 AP) since the Wounded character cannot carry out actions.

* However, Wounded characters can benefit from the use of objects which do not require AP (Fire Shield, Sylvan Shield, Torch to prevent freezing, etc...).

The Wounded character can:
* drink out of a Fountain of Youth if he is on an adjacent square,
* be carried like an object,
* be healed by the Cleric or a Potion of Life,
* fight with a combat value of 0 if he is attacked.

* A Wounded character who carries an object always benefits from the effects of the object.

* Thus, a Wounded character in armor always has a +1 combat bonus if he is attacked.

* On the other hand an unwounded character moving over a Wounded character (friendly or enemy) can take the object at no cost.

* A Wounded character cannot take part in group combat, unless he is being directly attacked.

* Caution: If a character carrying a Wounded character is Wounded or killed, then the Wounded character he was carrying also dies.

* Note: A Wounded character can be charmed.