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* Darkness squares are not normal floor squares and they block line of sight.

* When a room is revealed containing Darkness squares, it is possible to place objects in Darkness, but not characters.

* It is impossible for any character to move into a Darkness square (except for the Shadow, Ghost, and Specter).

* A character on a Darkness square (other than the Shadow, Ghost, or Specter) in unable to perform any actions other than to leave the Darkness or reveal an adjacent room. Moving out of the Darkness is only possible with a movement action (not jump, the use of an object, or any other means) and only if the character is adjacent to a valid square.

* A character or object in Darkness cannot be targeted in any way.

* A character in Darkness cannot be attacked in close combat (except for the special rule of the Shadow).

* Darkness squares can be illuminated by the Angel of Light or by any character carrying a torch.

* Illumination of the Darkness squares is carried out through the use of the corridor tiles.