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Snowy Ground

* Snowy Ground squares are considered to be normal floor squares.

* Snowy Ground squares are not Ice squares.

* Snowy Ground squares are not obstacles. Therefore, a rope does not affect the combat bonus (see below).

* Up to the "Lands of Ice" expansion, only rooms 33, 34, 35, and 36 contain Snowy Ground squares.

* All of the normal ground squares in these rooms are Snowy Ground (with or without mist).

* The squares with Wall Sconces are Snowy Ground squares.

* These squares are not Snowy Ground squares (with or without mist):
   * Rotation Gears,
   * Trees,
   * Fallen Trees,
   * Water,
   * Starting Lines,
   * Rifts,
   * Pit Traps.

* Currently, the characters which gain a +1 combat bonus when on Snowy Ground are: Yeti, Mammoth, Ice Dragon, and Ice Elemental.