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Starting Line

* The Starting Line is not considered a room. A character cannot be charmed while on a Starting Line. An illusion cannot be created there, and characters cannot teleport there.

* The squares of the Starting Line are valid squares, but they are not normal floor squares.

* A character can move on his Starting Line and leave objects there as in a room. He can even go back onto the Starting Line from a room.

* A character standing on his Starting Line can be attacked, targeted, or burned by a fireball.

* A character who arrives on the opponent's Starting Line is directly teleported and leaves the dungeon. He gains 1 VP (two for the Goblin). He cannot under any circumstances pick up an objects on this Starting Line during his movement.

* Only flying and incorporeal characters can exit if an enemy character is located on the exit square of the opponent's Starting Line and this is also true if it is the last square of movement.

* A character can exit the dungeon while moving into a square which contains a wounded enemy character and this is also true if it is the last square of movement..

* A character cannot exit the dungeon on the opponent's Starting Line by jumping if there is a wounded enemy character at the end of the jump.