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Ice Bridge

* An Ice Bridge can be crossed by any character (regardless of combat value) like normal ground.

* For other purposed, the Ice Bridge is not normal ground however.

* An Ice Bridge can be melted for 1 AP, by the Fire Elemental or a character carrying a torch if they are on an adjacent square. Place a rift marker on the square.

* A character without a rope who is on the Ice Bridge when it is melted is automatically killed. A character carrying a rope who is on the Ice Bridge when it is melted can only stay there if the rope has two valid attachment points.

* Any objects on the Ice Bridge when it is melted are destroyed (except for the rope if it has two valid attachment points).

* An Ice Bridge is considered to be Snowy Ground. Thus, the Yeti, Mammoth, Ice Dragon, and Ice Elemental have a +1 combat bonus when they are on an Ice Bridge.

* If the Fire Elemental (wounded or unwounded) is on an Ice Bridge at the end of an action, it melts automatically (with fatal consequences for the Fire Elemental).