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Small Bridge

* The Small Bridge is an obstacle for characters having a combat value greater than 3.

* Characters having a combat value less than 4 can pass over the Small Bridge as if it were normal ground.

* Characters having a combat value of greater than 3 (the value on the token only) cannot go onto a Small Bridge of their own accord, even under the effect of a Charm Scroll. If such a character ends up on a Small Bridge, it breaks (place a broken marker on the Small Bridge square) and the character is on the terrain under the bridge and suffers its effects.

* A character having a combat value higher than 3 can cross a Small Bridge if he is carrying a rope. They can also jump over a Small Bridge.

* A Small Bridge can be used as an attachment point for a rope for any character whose combat value is 3 or less.

* A Druid can place vines on a Small Bridge as he can for any other obstacle.