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Gravity Well

* A Gravity Well is an obstacle, which can be crossed by jumping or using a rope.

* No flying movement may occur in a room that contains a Gravity well.

* The loss of flying ability occurs at the moment a character enters the room. A character cannot voluntarily arrive over a pit trap.

* A character moving with the aid of the 7 Leagues Boots has his magical movement end when he enters the first square in the room.

* An object cannot be moved by the Telekineticist in a room containing a Gravity Well.
If a Magophage is adjacent to a Gravity Well, its effects are cancelled. In the same manner, it is possible to fly nonmagically over the squares under the influence of the Magophage in the ultra-gravity room.

* The Gravity Well prevents the characters from flying in the room, but does not affect ranged combat.