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Pit Trap

A wounded or unwounded character can stop on a Pit Trap if he is carrying a rope. If the rope is removed (taken by an enemy character, stolen by the Pickpocket) the character falls into the Pit Trap and dies.

* The Thief is the only characer who can stop on a Pit Trap without a rope. However, if she is wounded, she will die (unless she is carrying a rope).

* Some characters, mostly flying and incorporeal, can move over a Pit Trap, but cannot stop there: Angel of Light, Dark Angel, Wizard, Ghost, Specter, Elf Scout.

* Other characters can cross the Pit Trap by using a jump card.

* Sometimes, two Pit Traps are adjacent to form a double pit trap.

* If a the end of an action, a character is on a Pit Trap without a rope, he dies immediately.