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* Rubble is an illusion created by the Illusionist.

* Rubble must be placed within the Illusionist's line of sight on an empty floor square.
The Rubble square becomes impassable to any characters except: the Illusionist who placed the Rubble, the Ghost, and the Specter who can cross the square but not stop there.

* Rubble is discarded at the end of any action in which the Magophage is adjacent to it.

* It is impossible to create a Rubble illusion in or through the Anti-Magic room (AP spent nonetheless).

* The Illusionist can remove the Rubble of her color for 1AP and place it somewhere else in her line of sight if she wishes.

* Rubble blocks line of sight, except for the Illusionist who created it, who it does not affect.

* Rubble is removed if the Illusionist of the same color dies. It remains in place indefinitely if the Illusionist of the same color exits the dungeon.

* Rubble is not a valid attachment point for a rope.