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English Translation for the DT:Prison Glossary 
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Message English Translation for the DT:Prison Glossary
Here is the English translation of the glossary entries for DT:Prison.


Addendum: Dungeon Twister: Prison new Characters and Objects

Colossus (2/5) (Prison)
• The Colossus can break an adjacent portcullis for 1 AP. If the Colossus is adjacent to a double portcullis, he must spend 2 AP to break them. A portcullis broken by the Colossus cannot be closed again.
• Miniatures with a combat value less than or equal to 1 can pass between the legs of an enemy Colossus during their movement. Thus, they can exit the Dungeon on the opponent's starting line even if the Colossus is blocking their way.
• If a Colossus is standing on a pit trap while carrying a rope, enemy characters with a combat value of 1 or less can still move through him, but they cannot take the rope away from him.

Banshee (4/1) (Prison)
• The Banshee is undead.
• For 2 AP, the Banshee can generate a putrid sound wave able to repulse any character. The Banshee can target any character in his line of sight. The targeted character is pushed back one square in the direction opposite from the Banshee.
• The Banshee cannot push the target through a wall, closed portcullis, arrow slit, friendly or enemy miniature, a 3D obstacle, or a tree.
• A repulsed character can land on an object or allied wounded character, as long as he complies with the rules at the end of the repulsion action. In the same manner, a wounded character can be pushed towards a friendly miniature.
• If a character is repulsed into water, it must drop its object on the last valid square (except if the object is a rope). A character repulsed onto an obstacle, must suffer the effects of the square.

Naga (6/2) (Prison)
• The Naga can pass through arrow slits during his movement, even while carrying an object.
• He cannot reveal a room through an arrow slit.

Backstabber (4/2) (Prison)
• The Backstabber gains a +2 combat bonus in attack and defense if she is participating in close group combat with at least one other friendly miniature.
• The Backstabber can open or close an adjacent portcullis for 1 AP as if she were carrying a key. The Backstabber cannot close a portcullis which was broken.

Telepath (3/0) (Prison)
• When the Telepath is engaged in one-on-one close combat, he can announce a combat card other than +0. If the opposing player has that card in his hand, he must play it for this combat. If the opposing player no longer has that card in his hand, he must show all his remaining combat cards to the player controlling the Telepath. Then he is free to secretly play the card of his choice.
• The ability of the Telepath does not function in group combat or in ranged combat.
• If two Telepaths are engaged in combat, their abilities cancel and the normal combat rules are used.
In one-on-one close combat:
• The ability of the Weapon Master is ineffective against the Telepath.
• The Telepath only gets to choose one of the two cards of the Berserker.
• A Telepath under the effect of a charm scroll or scroll of confusion loses his ability. Likewise, the ability of the Telepath does not apply if his opponent is under the effect of a charm scroll or scroll of confusion.

Large Shield (Prison)
• A character carrying a Large Shield cannot be the target of ranged combat.
• A Large Shield makes it possible to move through falling rock squares without stopping, like any shield.

Bow (Prison)
• The Bow allows the user to engage in ranged combat by spending an AP and can be used several times per turn.
• The Bow has a combat value of 1, which replaces the normal combat value of the figurine.
• An Archer Elf with the Bow does not total the values and does not receive any combat bonus.
• A Crossbowman carrying a Bow can shoot with his Crossbow once per turn and shoot with the Bow as long as he has AP left.

Telescoping Spear (Prison)
• A miniature carrying the Telescoping Spear can initiate close combat from a distance of 2 squares in a straight line. Combat with a Telescoping Spear is considered to be close combat in all aspects, not ranged combat.
• This combat can be carried out across a normal square, an obstacle, or an arrow slit (provided that the square is not occupied by another character). In the case of an arrow slit, the two characters must both be adjacent to the arrow slit.
• The user of the Telescoping Spear is not affected by the result of the combat. However, in the event of defeat, the Spear is broken and discarded from the game. In the event of victory, the Spear remains intact and the enemy becomes wounded (or eliminated if he was already wounded).
• The Telescoping Spear can be used in group combat.
• The Telescoping Spear may not be used to initiate close combat with adjacent characters, or in defense.
• If the attacker is adjacent to an enemy miniature, he cannot use the Telescoping Spear to attack another character located 2 squares away.
• A character using a Telescoping Spear cannot combine its effect with another attack weapon.
• The Telescoping Spear is an attacking weapon that may be forged.

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