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Dungeon Twister is a strategy game for two players. You control a team of eight adventurers with varied and necessary abilities. Your objective: to escape from the Dungeon. Unfortunately, in front of you lies a vast labyrinth of dangerous rooms which can rotate thanks to the astonishing mechanisms constructed by dwarves. These deadly traps and twistings to prevent you from escaping would be enough of a challenge by themselves, but you also face another group of adventurers with the same goal as yourself. Without relying on dice, Dungeon Twister calls upon all of your tactics and strategies, your ability to bluff, your anticipation of the danger and your management of combat and action cards.

The INTERNATIONAL DUNGEON TWISTER LEAGUE manages the organization of friendly meetings, local tournaments, the Opens, and National and International championships and publishes the results. The site also coordinates the international ranking of the Dungeon Twister players. The league keeps players informed about the upcoming DT tournaments and events. It provides free access to the glossary of the rules and the list of players participating in all the tournaments. The league also provides exclusive previews of upcoming DT products to its members.
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